John Dickerson

John Dickerson is a CBS senior national correspondent and Chief Political Analyst. He is also a Contributing Writer to The Atlantic and is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest.

Mother’s Day

John Dickerson shared a post on Instagram: "I have now been a closer observer of the mother I’m married to than the mother I had. Her gift from her children, which she doen’t really get to see, is listening to them describe her so admiringly, at dinner when she is not there or when she’s stuck in an airport anxious to get home, or as they did privately the other day on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the business she started. Beyond the thousands of meals prepared, late night hair stroking in illness, Sunday school lessons, trips to here and there and back again when they’ve forgotten something and restraint when instinct encourages her to speak up, the greatest gift Anne has given— and lesson she has taught all of us— is being a model of persistent love, care, concern, grace and joy. Happy Mother’s Day @dickersona.". Follow their account to see 1602 posts.