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John Dickerson is a CBS senior national correspondent and Chief Political Analyst. He is also a Contributing Writer to The Atlantic and is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest.

Some Personal News!

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UPDATE May, 2021: I am no longer with 60 Minutes. I have a new assignment!

UPDATE: The new book is out. Buy it here.

May 6, 2019:

Hello everyone. Some personal news! I am moving to 60 Minutes.

It is not befitting the role to jump up and down, but I’m very excited. When I was younger, my family gathered around the television on Sunday nights to watch 60 Minutes. My Mom used stopwatches just like the famous one to time her scripts. When I got to New York and worked as a secretary at Time magazine, I learned that if I watched 60 Minutes every Sunday, I understood what everyone was talking about on Monday morning. So I’m pin-balling like a kid at the moment.

Most important, as an adult who has devoted his life to telling stories and trying to learn that craft, I couldn’t be more thrilled to watch and learn.

All my other jobs stay the same: Gabfest, Whistlestop, Atlantic. I’ll also contribute as anchor for big political events at CBS.

Meanwhile, I’m spending the summer speeding toward the deadline on my book about the presidency for Random House. (This is what that looks like here and here.)

The book comes out on Father’s Day 2020. UPDATE: It’s out now. Buy it here! That’s another reason to sign up for the mailing list. You’ll have access to special offers, racing gear, at-home board game versions of the book, koozies etc.

I had a great time during my year abroad at CBS This morning. (Well, 17 months, actually). Great stories and great people. I’ll say more about that on May 17th my last day on the show. For now, though, have a lovely day.

Cheers, John


UPDATE: I’m really touched by your comments! Thank you!

UPDATE: My final CBS This Morning Reporter’s Notebook to my colleagues and the audience:


145 thoughts on “Some Personal News!”

  1. So happy to have you back at a time I can watch you, and excited at the prospect of some good deep reporting. Woo hoo!

    1. Juanita Westaby

      You stepped in at a tough time and I thank you for doing so. It was wonderful having my Whistlestop guy on my favorite morning show.
      Also, please tell Nora I will miss her very much.

        1. Look forward to 60 minutes through June, tonight’s 3 segments were outstanding and your finish was good too. Albest

          1. I just finished watching Face the Nation and realize that you are without a doubt the best moderator for the show. Your knowledge, your recall of facts, your targeted questions, your focus and re-questioning to get the interviewee to actually answer difficult questions all combine to make your shows interesting, informative, creative and quite frankly, the best on TV. I cannot understand how Margaret Brennan remains in her position with her stilted, unsteady, uninformed performance. Glad you will be on 60 Minutes, but Face the Nation is really your show.

        2. You somehow really captivated me! I never watched news shows. You just came across to me as the most sincere reporter. I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see you on 60 minutes! Thank you for all of your contributions!

    2. I want and miss John Dickerson from Face the Nation. When you are back on it the whole show feels like the dignity, class and authority of news CBS used to represent. In the vein of Murrow, Cronkite and Dickerson. And FYI, I love women reporters and respect them, this is about a specific show and the right reporter/broadcaster for it.

      If CBS is listening, reinstate John to the job he was made for. Margaret has many other places to serve/work.

  2. Denice Patterson

    If this is good for you and your family…go for it…will miss you on the CBS morning news but will continue to follow you…first on face the nation, now on 60 min…..
    Thank you

    1. I do miss seeing you and Norah every morning, but I enjoy watching Norah in the evening and I’m looking forward to seeing you on 60 minutes very soon. I’m hoping next Sunday because Steve Croft had his last reporting this past Sunday.

    2. Shelly Hubbartt

      We very much enjoyed your work on “CBS This Morning” , John! You, Nora, and Gayle seemed ( at least to the viewer) to be a great team. We look forward to seeing your reporting in the future. Good luck on “60 Minutes” or wherever your road leads!

    1. Why tear down Margaret Brennan. She dies her job well.
      I really like John Dickerson and am always happy to see and hear him.
      I also like George Stephanopoulos.
      Nora O’Donnell and Lester Holt. So many talented and good news people to pick from.

      1. where are you CBS hiding him & why ? he is wonderful ! I miss him – his wisdom & knowledge – his clarity in communication & well placed humor.

        1. I really liked John Dickerson better than Gayle King and Norah. What a mistake CBS made in removing him.

      2. I am really missing you both in the mornings and now on 60 Miinutes(I just finished watching it). TV is really missing a very talented man, and I really hope you will come back to a full time show either on CBS or one of the others, except FOX News! I’ll look forward to your book and seeing you once again on TV. Best of luck,

  3. CBS this morning will not be the same without you. You will do great in your new assignment because you are a great reporter. God bless you!

  4. This is a mistake- you were the reason we watched CBS This Morning- so very sorry to see you go. On a personal note, I remember you from when you were an intern at Time Magazine

    1. CBS news has made very bad choices in the presentation of morning news. We watched CBS because we felt it actually have news! Now it’s just the same terrible table talk with people interrupting each other laughing and talking about inconsequential things. We miss John and wonder where is he?????

      1. I really miss John on the morning news, too. It has changed after the shake-up and not for the better. Disappointing.

  5. Congrats John! I’ll miss seeing you every morning though. It was a great choice adding you to the lineup last year. Glad you’ll still be doing the podcast, too. 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Well deserved. Looking forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes—my favorite news show.

  7. Going to miss you in the morning. Your ability to convey any news in a calm straightforward manor is important. Best wishes and hopefully enjoy more mornings with family!

  8. Jackie Sienkiewicz

    Loved seeing you every morning! Your professionalism was inspiring. I can’t say I am happy to see you go, but continued success to you.

    1. John Dickerson where art though!?! Was happy to hear & excited that you’re going on 60 Minutes. Now the waiting has been painful. Hoping every Sunday that I’ll finally enjoy your broadcast again. I never missed Face the Nation! You know how to hammer your questions without losing your manners & without “disclosing” whose side you’re on! A rare but endearing journalistic skill (not so common these days!)

  9. My husband and I are very happy for you, John. We like you very much but feel that 60 Minutes is a much better fit for you! I truly hope you are happy with the change. We are looking forward to it!

  10. Molly Klocksin

    Congrats, John! Your mom would be so proud! I grew up in Milwaukee and my mom used to tell me I’d be “the next Nancy Dickerson.”

  11. Chuck Hanabarger

    Congratulations John! You deserve everything you get! Looking forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes!

    1. Margaret Brennan’s weekly willful misinterpretations of what her guests are stating really took a laughable turn today during her interview with the Fed Chairperson from San Francisco. I can’t watch Brennan any longer .

  12. Congratulations…60 Minutes is a show I never missed from day 1. I do hope Jay Glor turns out alright. He did a good job!

  13. Congratulations John! Everything you achieve is well deserved. I listen to you on Gabfest and enjoy your puckish humor and intelligence. I look forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes.

  14. Congratulations John.
    Always thought you were not a good fit at CBS Morning Show.
    You have much more to offer the world than mindless morning chatter (with WAAAY too many ads).
    You made the show Face the Nation, now go out and do more great reporting.

    1. I’ve started watching the first 17 minutes, then pausing the live broadcast and taking a shower, brushing my teeth, etc., then coming back to the TV and forwarding through all the Big Pharma commercials! Much more enjoyable and productive start to my day. (This works on my cable DVR box only.)

  15. Congratulations and all the best John Dickerson! I’ve always admired you and was happy when you joined CBS This Morning but change is good and I’m happy it has open the door coming full circle to 60 minutes!

  16. Happy for you but will miss you greatly on CBS This Morning! You are my favorite person on that show. Blessings on you and your family.

  17. Donna Boucher

    You are a great man! You big smile today was telling. I will miss you in the mornings, your wise silly smart viewpoint always made me smile.

  18. I hope this doesn’t mean that you’re leaving cbs morning! You’re the reason we watch. Gail’s ok, but a little goes a long way. If We wanted chaos, fake laughter and talking over each other, We’d watch Today or GMA. In any case, good luck – you’ll be great!

    1. Look forward to 60 minutes through June, tonight’s 3 segments were outstanding and your finish was good too. Albest

  19. GOBSMACKED. So sorry to see you go. But I know there is a place for you on TV, besides 60 Minutes, something where you’re front and center. It’s almost good news because I really couldn’t take King and O’Donnel anymore, so I’m not sorry to stop watching CBS. And no way I’m watching the evening news any more, either.

  20. Congratulations. I am an admirer of your subtle reporting & your sense of humor.

    Will miss you in the morning but I’m happy for you & wish you the best in your new endeavors. I’m sure you will approach them with the same rectitude & thoroughness as you have exercised until now.

  21. Kevin Moruzin

    I am beyond thrilled to have you join 60 Minutes but will greatly miss watching you, Gayle and Norah In the morning! Thankfully I’ll still have Gayle joined by Anthony and Tony in the morning! Delighted for you all!

  22. Congrats, John. Well deserved. A much needed infusion for the program. Looking forward to seeing your first piece.

  23. Michelle Landriault

    Wonderful news to now be of service to this iconic television show. Your style, your content is very much needed during these times.

  24. So sorry to see you, and Jeff Glor, go. Won’t be watching CBS News any more. Or CBS at all. Well, I might just watch your 60 Minute pieces, but wish you were on PBS instead. Crazytown over at CBS News now. Not good. Nothing to do with women in the anchor chair; everything to do with which ones. Crazytown.

  25. Congratulations! But damn, I’m still missing you on Face The Nation. I wish you were a daily news anchor, any channel. Best of luck, and if you’re happy, we’re happy.

  26. I’m torn. I enjoy everything you add to CBS This Morning. But I’m very interested to see stories from you on 60 Minutes that provide depth and thoughtfulness. I admit I mostly was sad for me that I won’t see you in the morning, but then I was positively influenced by other commenters here who are happy because you’re happy. Okay. Me too…????

  27. I’ll miss you every morning, but at least I know where to find you on Sunday evening! You, Norah and Gayle were quite the team and ratings don’t matter! You brought intelligence, heart and humor to morning news. Congrats!

  28. Congrats, John. I’ll miss you in the morning but look forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes. An excellent opportunity for you.

  29. Mary Jo Losso

    Your clever wit and kind sense of humor will be greatly missed on the Morning Show. You have a rare ability to be both a serious and honorable newscaster, and an intelligent ‘quipster,’ and I’ve really appreciated your insights. I have enjoyed the CBS Morning Show for years, and thought you a perfect addition. Such is life, eh?! At least you won’t have to get up so early anymore. 😉 Best of luck on 60 Minutes!

  30. Congratulations, John. This will be a much better fit for you both on 60 Minutes and with election coverage. I don’t want to take away from the CBS Morning team which has been stellar.

  31. Oh dear John,
    Just as I was looking forward to launching my official Virginia Democratic State Senate nominee announcement with a fellow Wahoo interviewing me, you get up and move.
    But, there is good news in all of this; you and your family are happy…and the nomination process is in motion!
    Like so many of your morning viewer, I will miss your calm demeanor and astute delivery. However, if you wish to set up an interview my contact is below.
    Virginia Smith

  32. You were the morning show. Not a show without you. Won’t be watching That any more. Never was a 60 Minute fan. So, take pity on those of us jonesing for a Dickerson fix who actually watch pbs on Sunday eve. There must be another spot on tv for you. Like PBS!!!! Or at least PRI’s The World. In any case, keep us apprised of whenever and wherever you grace the cameras so we can at least watch those morsels. Wish you’d keep doing the Reporter’s Notebook series. Total bummer, this news. Wait, wait! The answer is to get a gig on Masterpiece. You’d be splendid. A dark tale of backroom drama in the news industry. I worked for a pbs station once. Don’t think I don’t remember what that was like. Made GOT seem quaint.

  33. Francine wendelboe

    John, oh the twists and turns of careers, wonderful that this path is one your seem to be very excited about. Congrats and I look forward to seeing you on the new gig! But I’m sure we will be seeing you on the trail here in New Hampshire soon.

  34. Congradulations! This reminded me Mother’s Day is around the corner. I just bought another copy of “On Her Trail” for my sister.

  35. You were solely responsible for changing my loyalties for Sunday morning political news.
    You made Face the Nation my go to program and brought a perspective on politics that paired Tim Russets passion for the topic with Bob Schieffer’s grace

    I started tuning in to CBS morning show solely to see what you’d bring and found myself surprised that they pulled you from my favorite program only to toss all the juicy political stories to someone else.

    My perspective is they never gave you room to play to you strengths

    You are the one who should be anchoring the nightly news cast

    Political intrigue behind the cameras is fatiguing and while I was previously a fan of N O’Donnell I am no more.

    I’ll follow you wherever you end up just sad that it won’t be your hand any longer steering political news

  36. I’ll continue to listen to Gabest- a new favorite for me, and will look forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes.
    Best of luck!

  37. Karen Wendelken

    Congratulations on your next chapter. While I am pleased for the better quality of news, I am selfishly disappointed to miss your even and intelligent perspective every morning. Your humor and kindness made the difference. Bless you John and may the road rise to meet you.

  38. You are a great reporter. Your insightful analysis is beyond compare. You are too good for morning television, but I will miss seeing you in the morning

  39. In these days of atomized media, 60 Minutes remains one of the few “water cooler” programs that a wide range of people see and discuss later. There is a need for this more than ever in our fraying democracy. You are absolutely the right person to occupy this space. Thank you for everything you do to uphold standards of ethics and integrity in your work – much more is depending on people like you than you might realize. (Oh – read and believe all that AND know how much your sense of humor is appreciated as well. It’s a lifeline.)

  40. Teresa Carney

    I know you’ll do great job where ever you go. I loved you on Face the Nation & CBS this Morning. You brought wit and intelligence & I trusted your knowledge. Be happy. Do what makes you happy. Good luck. I hate change & I think all of you should have been given more time, so this is upsetting. I will miss you.

  41. I will miss you in the mornings, just like I missed you on Sundays too! Good luck with your new role! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  42. Mary Ellen Moul

    I have missed John on Face The Nation so much, so am so happy he will be on 60 Minutes… Will be watching John.

  43. Robert Priester

    CONGRATULATIONS John on your move to 60 Minutes! As usual, you will bring quality reporting on this wonderful program. I do have to mention that I think the new CEO of CBS News got her choices backwards. I would look forward to watching the CBS Evening News again if you were the Managing Editor and Anchor. I think Mr. Cronkite would whole surely approve.

  44. Thank you for the way you do your “thing” Mr. Dickerson. I can truly say that I have never yelled at the TV when you were speaking, even when I may not have liked what was said.
    I have watched 60 minutes for about 38 out of my 50 years and I cannot imagine a better suited addition to the show.

    Be Well and Be Blessed.

  45. I do not agree with the decision that has been made regarding the morning show. Your presence and input will be missed.

  46. I still miss you on Face the Nation, though the Sunday surprise two weeks ago of Bob Schieffer was a great start to my day. Perhaps this new 60 Minutes assignment will allow time for more guest hosting Sundays on Face the Nation when Margaret Brennan has vacation. Humor, kindness, wit, intelligence–the same words are repeated over and over in these comments, and all are very true. Thank you for sharing your insights with us, in whatever forum CBS assigns you to work.

  47. Melanie Lasseter

    We have enjoyed seeing you in the mornings, but know you’ll be glad to keep better hours with the move to 60 Minutes. The morning “fluff” stories didn’t suit you, anyway — you are a more serious reporter.

  48. Gregory Whitlock

    You will be an incredible asset to “60 Minutes.” Your political and reflective insights will be welcomed. “60 Minutes” gain will be a definite loss to the morning news.

  49. Congratulations! I watched you on Face The Nation and then was happy to see you on CBS This Morning. I wish the very best to you and your family and will be watching you on 60 Minutes with your great personal interesting stories.

  50. Pauline Smith


    I was sick about your not being on CBS News any more. I hope you are happy in your new role at CBS and will look forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes.

  51. Congratulations! This is great news for My husband and I as well. We have long loved your thoughtful, fair commentary on the Gabfest. But when I tried to tune in to CBS This Morning it was way to much bright lights, sweeping cameras and loud music for a non-TV couple like us. 60 minutes we can do- and will be making a point not to miss now.
    It’s nice to see that integrity and hard work can pay off.

  52. Congratulations!! We always watch 60 Minutes but we do miss you on Sunday mornings. I hope they keep you involved with the political reporting and of course your interesting personal stories.
    You are one of the best.

  53. Michael Pitonza

    I enjoy your work so I hope it works out for you! Personally, I think you and poor Jeff Glor were screwed. If indeed, you’re happy with the new situation, then good for you! Only you know the truth. But viewing these machinations from the ranks of the unwashed masses…it looks sordid.

  54. Congrats, Mr Dickerson. You shall be a fine addition, and we are happy to know you will still stay with the Gabfest (where we first “met”.) HUZZAH.

  55. All the sincere & glowing words for you John Dickerson are said again & again. English is not my first language but I know when I see an intelligent, kind, & humorous individual like you. We missed you in Face The Nation every time my family (husband,sons,in-laws) gather for brunch. My boys 8 & 11 listen to you every morning before going to school. I’ll make it a point that my whole family watch you in 60 Minutes & follow all your future endeavors. By the way, we got your books WhistleStop & On Her Trail.

  56. I will miss you in the morning but never felt I got to hear from you as much as I wanted. I can’t wait to watch you dig into many new stories . I’ll switch to GMA in the morning.

  57. Waldemar Vinovskis

    John, we could not be more happy for you. We have been fortunate to have been along for the ride, as regular podcast be listeners and FTN watchers. So glad to see your gifts and skills recognized in this important way.

  58. Angela Bustamante

    I am so glad to see you return to serious journaling – it was painful to watch you read prompts of daily news after watching your wonderful debates on Face the Nation for years – you are one of the only bright lights and a true educator left -in your field -can’t wait to see where you take us next -with 60 minutes! congrats !!

  59. While we enjoyed you tremendously in all the hats you’ve worn and posts you have filled, my favorite was when you hosted Face the Nation as that is your forte´. Regardless, I’m glad you have a position on CBS.

  60. Susan Righter Grimes

    I grew up admiring your Mother and now growing old with YOU. I am sorry to see you go from my world in 90 seconds. But now I will grow old just once a week. . I am Slate + And listen to your podcasts. A true Dickerson-phile. Best wishes and thank you for the last 17 months.

  61. Alison Wickerham

    You are the only reason I watch the CBS Morning show, thus your departure also means my departure. I’m genuinely sad for the poor decisions CBS is making by removing Jeff Glor and you from where you are both loved and enjoyed daily. I look forward to Sunday night now, but my weekday loyalty to CBS ends tomorrow.
    All the best, John.

  62. I will miss you on CBS Morning. I love your reporting, and love your great smiling eyes! I remember watching and enjoyed your mother’s reporting in the early 60’s (I was 12-13). I read your book about her, On The Trail. Looking forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes

  63. I will miss seeing you in the morning. You were my favorite. I look forward to seeing you on 60 Minutes as well as your reporting on the upcoming elections. Best of luck to you!

  64. My family will miss seeing you on weekday mornings. Your thoughtfulness is refreshing and unique in the TV landscape. I too wish you’d move to PBS – but that prob doesn’t pay the rent…. Best of luck to you at 60 Minutes and we look forward to seeing you there! We may just kick over to NPR for our morning news updates. *PS – your last Reporter’s Notebook was first class.

  65. You provide news with an insight missing from (now) all of the morning shows. I’m giving up on CBS Morning Show but will catch up with you on 60 Minutes. Thank you for intelligent news delivered with award-winning professionalism!

  66. I was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed your presence on the morning show, given my dislike of political round tables! Your dry wit and self-disparaging asides were hilarious, and great counterparts to the equally compelling combo of Gayle & Norah. But I imagine the ability to sink your teeth into bigger, investigative pieces is compelling. Look forward to watching the results. Congrats and enjoy!

  67. Michelle Emmett

    Congratulations and best wishes on this new endeavor. I had very enjoyed you on CBS THIS MORNING (now CTM). Your contributions and personality assisted me in beginning my day filled with substantive information, thoughtful inspiration and, often, a smile. At times, I’d think to myself, “C’mon, John, squeeze in your two cents!” Not easy to do when enveloped by two gregarious colleagues who were professional BFFs. While I’m missing the Gayle, Norah, John triangle, I’m trying to adjust to dynamics of the new team. Looking forward to “meeting again” in your role on “60 Minutes.”
    Thank you for who you are as a person and all you do to inform and inspire. God bless.

  68. Joan Soldwisch

    A long-time follower of CBS on Sunday mornings, when you departed Face the Nation I stopped watching and went to Meet the Press and Sunday with George Stephanopoulos. Your replacement lacked verbal skill and doggedness in asking the questions that we, as viewers, want to be answered. I tried out CTM during the week, but clearly, it was a waste of your talents, and I found Ms. King annoying, bordering on smarmy. So Morning Joe became my ‘go to’ weekdays. I can now return to CBS for the evening news…..and it would take massive changes to 60 Minutes to dislodge my loyalties, but I’m certainly glad you’ll be in the lineup there.

  69. John – I will miss you SO much during the week. You were clearly the strongest reporter on that staff. I look forward to seeing you every Sunday.

  70. Hi John- truly looking forward to seeing you on 60 minutes and hopefully much more – I also echo the many bittersweet sentiments here but hoping that this brings you all you deserve and much more- as entertaining as Gayle can be from time to time, you and Norah brought the substance to the morning news -still see CBS as the most responsible and reliable new source- am really tired of the fluff or repetitive “breaking news” of other stations. I will really miss your professionalism, calmness and highly intelligent contributions / just wish you had interjected more!! Good luck to you – I will keep checking daily to see you – hopefully soon!

  71. Mr. D
    This “driving cat” definitely is missing your wit & intelligence to start my day. Best wishes to you on 60 Minutes… least we’ll be able to chat w/you on “The Twitter”????

  72. Am missing your presence on CBS This Morning. Glad to get to know you better. Elegant articulate sensitive. The values you naturally embody help in the current political climate. Thank you.
    60 minutes seems like a better fit for you.
    Wishing you much fulfillment.

  73. I truly miss you and Norah on the CBS Morning News. All of you together, with Gayle made a wonderful, entertaining and informative program. It’s not the same without all of you.

  74. John,

    Hope CBS is giving you great stories and we will be seeing you soon on 60 Minutes. The morning show is not the same quality it was just a couple of months ago. It’s not because of the current anchors; there seems to be less news and more fluff so it must come from higher ups.

  75. Saw you tonight on CBS News. I had missed you and this was the first time I caught you. I am sorry but I do not watch CBS Morning since you left. They did you a favor…..
    I am subscribing to the newsletter so I can keep track of you.

  76. Hi John! We really miss you on Face the Nation, and look forward to seeing you on 60 minutes (after football season – sorry!). I agree with others that your move to the morning show was a waste of your special skills and talents. I hope 60 minutes will give you new opportunities for more substantive reporting. We trust you and rely on you to bring us real news. Best wishes in your new role!

  77. Started watching you on Face the nation followed you to CBS this morning and will gladly watch you on 60 minutes. Miss you terribly every morning. Wish you well on anything that you do. You educate me! Congratulations!!!

  78. Yes, John. When will we see you on 60 minutes? It’s already 10/14! My husband and I really miss you and Norah on CBS this morning.

  79. I too, am missing John Dickerson on my tv everyday. Was so disappointed when he left CBS THIS MORNING. (Just not as good. To much fluff. )
    Where are they hiding John? I always watch 60 Minutes and have been disappointed every week when he wasn’t featured. Wish the CBS management hadn’t changed CTM at all. Was my “can’t miss” news show.

  80. Lauren Marie Cotter

    Hello? Where is John? Where is real news on CBS? Thought you were different. He was wonderful on Face the Nation , brought grace and good journalism to the morning show. We want to see him on 60 Minutes.please.

  81. I am still missing you on Face the Nation. Can’t wait to read your book. Will be looking for you on 60 minutes. I was jumping up and down for you to join this iconic new show. Congratulations. So well deserved!

  82. 1
    Sorry, but no educated adult thinks 60 Minutes is legit news. It’s an
    Establishment Mouthpiece and not one thing else.

    Shame, b/c many of us think John D is one of the smartest and most
    honest of all the lying Corporate Press. Sad when we see him lie to his
    friends and neighbors, to protect our corrupt government and both
    criminal political parties.

    Hey john, know anyone who wants the BIGGEST SECRET SCANDALS and Skeletons for Looney Giuliani and Tax Hike Mike Bloomberg (who only got rich by being so inept at his job, Salomon Brothers said “he’s SOOO awful it’s WORTH the $10 million severence we’ll have to pay!” )(not ONE of the companies Bloomberg created turns any profit, just the ONE faked company for the terminals).

    I’m sure 60 MINUTES will want to tell the TRUTH to all taxpayers and voters, so I cannot wait for them to contact me for all kinds of giant scandals that are easy to verify! (Note: I’m the world’s top scholar on Rudy and Mike. It was my career for many years.) (I’ll do a screengrab to show the public how much 60 Minutes is Real News!) xoxoxox!

  83. Miss you on CBS This Morning. You know the news the best and give in depth knowledgeable reporting. Wish you were still there. Keep waiting for you on 60 Minutes. Hope your talents do not go wasted.

  84. Steve &Nancy Heffter

    We are still waiting for you to be a regular on 60 Minutes; have always enjoyed your presentations of events with facts, knowledge and humor. CBS Morning still starts our day but we look forward to seeing you as a regular contributor on a CBS news program again.
    CBS, we miss John; are you listening?

  85. Barbara Gunderson

    I just saw your piece on Face the Nation on how Presidents led in crisis. I am furious with you for not including President Obama as an example during the financial crisis!! How on earth could you exclude him?! Honestly, I am shocked and wonder how how first black President, who had two terms without major incident and who brought our country out of our greatest economic failure next to the depression wasn’t featured in your piece! I think an apology is in order.

  86. Barbara Hoover

    I happened upon this site while looking up the time for 60 minutes. All the comments I have read above echo my feelings about you leaving the CBS Morning show. I was stunned when I heard the news. You gave my mornings a much needed boost to start the day. I loved your quirky sense of humor and the twinkle in your eyes. You treated the guests with dignity and almost never interrupted what they were saying but I could see on occasion that you wanted to but you always held back.
    I used to enjoy Val and Tony when they did some segments but now it is all chatter and Val reduced to doing not very serious segments. They really should call it the Gayle King show since she always has to comment on everything.
    Much success and I am so happy that I came upon this site after a year.

  87. I was lucky to catch you interviewing Mike Pence on Face the Nation this morning. Great interview, you are one in a million! Your insight and persistence paid off during the interview and for the first time I thought someone called Pence”s comments untrue.

    Thanks for being the great journalist that you are and providing much needed support to those of us who see Trump for who he is and his inability to lead us out of covid.

  88. I am 75 and have watched 60min since the get go. when your segments come up on 60min
    my TV will be muted.

  89. Hi John, I too miss you on Face the Nation. Sometimes so many moves can be looked as a blessing and made us more determined and strengthen us. I saw you this am, August 2, 2020 on Face the Nation and yes your usual questions are the ones on everyone’s mind. Love to see more of you. Keep the fate, keep being informed, keep your head high and as usual do your excellent/outstanding interviews with all the knowledge you bestow upon us all.

  90. I miss you John Dickerson on the AM show and very much onFace The Nation you are so knowledgeable. I have read your book The Hardest Job in the world and loved it . I certainly have gained a wealth of knowledge from it. I am a Canadian and used to love the USA but I am so very skeptical about your situation there now. I am 85 and the first thing I was taught at least 80 yrs ago was a thing called manners . I very much enjoyed your thoughts this AM with Gail King, scary though.

  91. CBS please look at your talent. John Dickerson belongs on Face the nation. Margert continues to struggle week after week. John is currently underutilized on 60 minutes and CBS overall. I love the integrity and professionalism John brings to any of his assignments. He is a wealth of knowledge and is exceptional at his delivery. Please , please put John back on Face the nation where he belongs. I am sure your viewership ratings will reflect that.

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