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All the ways to watch “CBS News Prime Time”

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Greetings! You can watch CBS News Prime Time live Monday through Thursday from 7-8 Eastern or on demand. Here’s how:

Watch the latest episode on this website right here. You can also watch past episodes at that link

Watch live on YouTube. Try this link and you should be able to watch it in real time and rewind if you show up a minute or two late!

Watch can watch the show live on Youtube on this page at 7pm ET. Watch episodes after they air on YouTube here. Please email me at if you have trouble.

Paramount +:

Prime Time should show up in the Live TV section at 7pm ET. You can watch episodes after they’ve aired under the News Section where the CBS News Prime Time with John Dickerson page lives.

CBS app:

If you know how to watch on Netflix on your television, this is probably the easiest link to follow. Click here for instructions on all of the ways to download the CBS News App in order to watch it live or on demand. Not all televisions have CBS Apps that provide the show on demand, but if there is a “Shows” category on your television’s version of CBS News that you download, look for CBS News Prime Time with John Dickerson under “shows.” If your CBS News App doesn’t have on demand, Paramount Plus and YouTube do.

CBS website:

Watch live on your computer here on the CBS site at 7pm. CBS news website here

Please let me know via if you’ve been able to find the show, if you haven’t and how easy it all was for you.


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2 thoughts on “All the ways to watch “CBS News Prime Time””

  1. Why isn’t it on cable tv? MSNBC and other legacy networks are on. CBS is noticeably absent. I like CBS but can’t find it

  2. John,
    A comment from Nebraska.

    I realize the world is moving forward. However, we in the sparsely settled area of the country have a major problem. Internet, affordable that we can stream with. Second, a smart TV. The tv is on the list when one dies that we have. We don’t just buy new because we want it.
    Our internet is really questionable. Being seniors on a budget, we are still using DirectTV, and AT&T does not provide internet here.
    I would love to watch you show. I know CBS is moving to streaming services. We have not kept up and it saddens me. I don’t see the Broadband funding doing much for us.
    I’ll keep checking
    Ellen Burdick

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