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Presidential Time

Reading President Obama’s book A Promised Land, I keep coming across passages that I wish I could drop into The Hardest Job in the World.

Here is Obama’s passage on the mystery of his own schedule:

Here is what I wrote about the presidential schedule when I was trying to help readers understand the job from a human perspective and capture how out of your own control your life is:

President Obama wrote this about the Secret Service:

I just got a copy of the book and found this on the back cover:

Which– in a book about promise– tracks with this imagined scene in my introduction of a fictional president:

If you’re viewing the Washington Monument from the White House the sun doesn’t actually rise behind it (you have to walk about 500 yards south; this must have been stuck in my head.). What I meant was that the sun rises…the day begins.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for his memoir to arrive in my mailbox. I think it’s a testament to your skills as a writer and scholar if “The Hardest Job In The World” is drawing clear parallels to a recently released presidential memoir.

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