John Dickerson

John Dickerson is a CBS senior national correspondent and Chief Political Analyst. He is also a Contributing Writer to The Atlantic and is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest.

Southwest Crew

John Dickerson shared a post on Instagram: "This is the crew of Southwest flight 1380. When your engine blows open like a New Year’s party cracker they are the ones you want to be with. “You are going to make it,” the flight attendants told the passengers. They knew to look them in the eyes to assure them— their ears blown, debris pocking their faces. In the cockpit they knew to let the plane go where it wanted to, not to seize up and force it. That meant down, down. The five of them had never flown together, but they all knew what to do. Air Force and Naval Academy training helped at the controls, of course. But what sticks with you when you sit with them at dinner and share astonishment about the size of the lasagne and talk faith, family and friends, is that they had been prepared before the fan blade slipped loose. Prepared by the way they live their lives: their dedication, their humility, generosity, service and most of all their faith in God. These are the qualities I admire in my wife, in-laws, siblings and friends. The rescuing qualities. They are the values I want my children to have. You hear it in captain Tammy Jo Shults talking about Jennifer Riordan, who died on that flight: “She seemed like a woman with a profile of just being beautiful in her priorities. She didn't wait until it was convenient or easy to love her Lord and her family and her community. The way she invested in her work.. it's still blessing people. I think she left a beautiful legacy." You can’t talk like that about another person unless your roots are deep. Shults, Darren Ellisor, Rachel Fernheimer, Seanique Mallory and Kathryn Sandova will be changed forever and I’m sure it’s a tough road back, but of all the famous people to come through that Green Room there are those you’d like to be photographed with, and this type: those who you’d like to be counted worthy enough to be in their company.". Follow their account to see 1602 posts.