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Blackwing Pencils

I love Blackwing pencils. Some of my books are delicate enough that I only write in the margin in pencil. In poetry books I use pencil because I usually change my mind about what I first think. When I wrote the book, I wrote a lot of it by hand with Blackwing pencils. To commemorate the event and as a gift to those of you out there who have held me aloft all these years I asked Blackwing if they wanted to collaborate on some pencils. They were game. Here is the result:

If you’ve already ordered a bookplate, a box is coming your way (it was supposed to be a surprise). If you’re interested in buying a box of pencils, Blackwing is testing interest here.

If you’d like a bookplate (and are patient), the offer is still open.

4 thoughts on “Blackwing Pencils”

  1. I saw your post on IG and was so surprised. I want to thank you for your generosity. I greatly enjoyed your book and bought a second copy to send to my cousin in the UK. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Such a lovely surprise! I cannot wait to read your book. Are the pencils included with an ebook purchase? Thanks so much and hope to see you soon on 60 Minutes.

  3. This is a wonderful surprise, John! I look forward to receiving both the bookplate and the pencil box soon! (Have been waiting since early July, but I guess it might be because of the backlog.)

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