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John Dickerson is a CBS senior national correspondent and Chief Political Analyst. He is also a Contributing Writer to The Atlantic and is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest.

Blackwing Pencils

I love Blackwing pencils. Some of my books are delicate enough that I only write in the margin in pencil. In poetry books I use pencil because I usually change my mind about what I first think. When I wrote the book–by which I mean my latest book on the presidency— I wrote a lot of it by hand with Blackwing pencils. To commemorate the event and as a gift to those of you out there who have held me aloft all these years I asked Blackwing if they wanted to collaborate on some pencils. They were game. Here is the result:

Blackwing Pencils

If you’ve already ordered a bookplate, a box is coming your way (it was supposed to be a surprise). If you’re interested in buying a box of pencils, Blackwing is testing interest here.

If you’d like a bookplate (and are patient), the offer is still open.

18 thoughts on “Blackwing Pencils”

  1. I saw your post on IG and was so surprised. I want to thank you for your generosity. I greatly enjoyed your book and bought a second copy to send to my cousin in the UK. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Such a lovely surprise! I cannot wait to read your book. Are the pencils included with an ebook purchase? Thanks so much and hope to see you soon on 60 Minutes.

  3. This is a wonderful surprise, John! I look forward to receiving both the bookplate and the pencil box soon! (Have been waiting since early July, but I guess it might be because of the backlog.)

  4. Cleary M Donovan

    I bought your book through Amazon so I could get it as soon as possible. I am going to send it to my brother in NH as soon as I’m done. May I have a name plate and pencils?
    Cleary Donovan
    Girdwood, AK 99587

  5. Cannot wait to share these pencils with my daughter who is an avid reader and also loves to jot notes in her books. She is the one who told me about your podcast., because she knew I was loyal viewer when you hosted “Face the Nation.”

    So thoughtful and generous.

    1. The book was a very insightful look into the Presidency. The only thing missing was your view on the aftermath of the pandemic and our current situation. I’m sure it would be fascinating- perhaps in the next edition? The bookplate is great and I’m looking forward to the pencils. Thank you John. Norman

  6. Sounds like a box worth waiting for 🙂
    Was wondering though: Will you do shipments to Europe? I have mailed proof of purchase for the book, but maybe you only ship to US? I will gladly pay for it to arrive in Denmark 🙂

  7. I’ve just finished “The Hardest Job in the World.” Just wonderful and gift enough. Now this largesse. We are the luckiest audience in the world.

  8. Loved this thoughtful gift that arrived unexpectedly in my mailbox a few days ago! These beautiful pencils will be shared with my daughter, who is a life long writer and viewer of 60 minutes. I love this idea of gifting these special pencils and will be doing the same. Thank you, John!

  9. What a wonderful surprise! I love the pencils and my bookplate, a special touch for a special book. I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoy watching you interview folks I would like to interview. You have me talking to the television and somehow, say the things I would have you say. It is a joy watching you give no mercy in your calm but forceful way. Most of all, I appreciate your effort to show the truth.

  10. Thank you for your generosity. After your Blackwing endorsement, I finally gave them a try. The Pearl is fantastic. Your pencils arrived today and they look great. I’m looking forward to using them.

  11. I just received the pencils. Thank you so much! What a lovely and super-classy surprise. Oh, and I’m very much enjoying the book, thanks for writing it!

  12. Thank you, John. The pencils were a complete surprise and I don’t know when anything has made me happier. My husband and I both have enjoyed your book. And I love the pencils. Blackwing! At random times, it just keeps coming to me, “John Dickerson sent me pencils.” And I get a little thrill of happiness.

  13. Robert L. Pacholski

    The Blackwing pencils arrived yesterday & since I forgot about your notice, they were a wonderful surprise after all. The whole little package is so elegant & distinguished. You are one class act Mr. Dickerson! Thank you so much. It seems a waste to use them writing my grocery & to do lists, so I’m going to give a pencil to each of my neighbors’ kids who are returning to school. Small compensation for all they have lost. 😕

  14. This was a very nice gesture. My “husband’s” bookplate for the book is now a prized possession 🙂

    I am guessing the torn and empty package from dated August 07 that arrived today may have been the Blackwings. The post office had it sealed in a plastic bag saying they regret the damage to my package during handling by the Postal Service. I like that they bothered to send the empty padded envelope. Ha. I’d be mad, but I can’t even be mad at the post office right now. Alas, no pencils. I will totally buy some if they offer them. I appreciate the thoughtfulness anyway 🙂

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