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John Dickerson is a CBS senior national correspondent and Chief Political Analyst. He is also a Contributing Writer to The Atlantic and is co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest.

My Last Reporter’s Notebook for CBS This Morning

As you know, (from clicking on this link if nothing else) I’m moving to 60 Minutes. My final message to my colleagues at CBS This Morning in what we called our Reporter’s Notebook:

Thank you to Kira Kleveland and Claire Fahy and Wes Carlton and Craig Shea for putting this piece together.

*The Mariner joke is explained below.

The Mariner joke comes from this.

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36 thoughts on “My Last Reporter’s Notebook for CBS This Morning”

  1. Janean Cleveland

    Greatly enjoyed your 17 months on CTM. Thought you were a perfect fit for Face the Nation. Know that you will do well in everything you do. I trust you and appreciate your dry humor. I think that the new leadership at CBS news is making very poor decisions. I am not interested in watching publicity for other CBS shows or anything about R.Kelly or Jussie Smollett. My demographic (well educated and over 65) prefers the type of show that Charlie Rose was able to provide. I suggest you have your own show that would fill the gap that his absence has left. Maybe PBS would provide you that opportunity. Wishing you and your family well in the future.

    1. I agree janean. FTN was the only show that was journalism. I loved how John pushed back on both sides. When he got on CTM, I was afraid the network would force him to take sides. I hope he doesn’t have to slant on 60 mins. I don’t think he will.

      Personally, he is the same personality. Smart, hard working, and you wouldn’t know what his opinion was for or against anyone. He has a terrific family.

    2. Well said Janean. CBS will lose me as a weekday morning viewer. My choice will typically be between GMA, which in the past has been unsatisfying to me, and my friend Kevin Doherty hosting the local classical music show on Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, CA.

      John, it has been great watching you on the CBS Evening News, which I think is a perfect fit. I know Norah O’Donnell will do a great job there and it will continue to be my choice in that time slot. It will be great to see John Dickerson on 60 Minutes, but it won’t be enough to see just one segment per week.

      Thanks for everything you do, John and best wishes to you for continued success!

  2. Patricia Dixon

    Beautiful piece! You are a man of many talents. I’m looking forward to seeing your in-depth reports on 60 minutes. God speed.

  3. Best wishes to the “BEST” journalist. I think CBS is a follower rather than the leader my parents, siblings and children have previously placed our trust in for many years. To you, John, you are the epitome of journalistic talent and how fortunate they are to have someone of your caliber.

  4. Very nice. Life is too short sometimes, and the world too mean sometimes. This little bit of cool, sweet water helps refresh and nudge us forward to another day. Bye, and Hi

  5. You are a gentleman with a lot of class (as evidenced by your departure piece), intellect, talent, and understated humor. I will miss you on the morning show but never felt it was the right fit for you. You were much better suited to Face the Nation. I enjoy listening to the Political Gabfest. I wish you well in all future endeavors and will look for you on 60 Minutes.

  6. Rewatching this reminded me of a time you had me sobbing in the space of a couple minutes, I was so touched by what you had written. You write so beautifully. Even your brief visual “stories” are delightful, insightful little commentaries on life. Looking forward to more books from you, which no one can cancel…

  7. I am sorry to see the team split up, but I am hoping you will do 60 minutes proud. I NEVER miss it, tape it if I’m not home to watch later.
    I so enjoyed Charlie Rose’s show and would like to see you host a show like that. I like your clever comments and smart news sense. Good luck.
    I will watch CBS morning to see how Gayle and new guys do. I do NOT like ABC, too much celebrity news.

  8. A kind, smart lovely man with great reporter’s skills. Also, a class act. I’d go with John Prine’s appraisal before any of the others. See you on 60, probably more than here. Best to you and the family.

  9. Best wishes. I look forward to what you will do at 60 Minutes. Mostly I appreciate your obvious integrity and professionalism away from the sensational to the meaningful. Also I enjoyed your book! Will miss you as a part of my mornings.

  10. I enjoyed this and thoroughly enjoyed watching the show for the last 17 months. I switched to see you, but I’ll stay to see Gayle. Can’t wait to join you for 60 Minutes.

  11. The three of you were awesome together. I love your show. It’s the real deal. I can’t watch the other morning news SHOWS. Now what? Wishing you the best.

  12. Helen Van Wyck

    You are a class act, John Dickerson. I have always admired the kindness in your eyes and the fire (and integrity) in your heart. We’ll miss you first think but will now watch 60 Minutes more faithfully. Blessings to you in transition.

    Helen Van Wyck

  13. eugene ohalloran


  14. Tears. But I love you on every show you’re on. Can’t wait to see you on 60 Minutes! Keep up the great work.

  15. Susan Christianson

    Congratulations. I know you will be a wonderful addition to 60 Min. and I will enjoy watching you.

  16. Hi John,
    Your travels are moving into more and more interesting and challenging
    life’s curvy roads…curve ahead! But all eyes are upon you, knowing you
    are set to go for another win. I know 4 Eyes that are looking at
    you, your Mom
    and Dad, and I know that they are sure and proud of their son!
    Always, Tandy

  17. Elaine Oldberg

    What they said– and, you were wasted on the morning show, with two people who can’t come close to your principled journalism and wit, and your interested delivery.
    I’ve already cancelled my CBS account but will take a peek at 60 minutes when I know you are on. And I’ll come back when they wise up and put you on the evening news as anchor. Or, how about PBS or NPR? Much better vehicles for your serious journalism.

  18. You are blessed and everyday touch so many people. I like many, loved watching you lead Face the Nation, and then got the morning started right with you as a co-anchor. Until now I did not have a reason to watch 60 minutes, but I will now since you are a part of the show. Windows sometimes unexpectedly open for a reason and yours was to join 60 Minutes. So glad that I can continue to watch your journey! Best of luck!

  19. You are a class act. Love you sense of humor and journalism and stories. You are a great newscaster too. We miss you on FTN and will definitely watch you on 60 minutes. Sorry about CBS shaking things up. We do not agree with any of it. You would be great on your own show. Hoping for that in the future for you. Thank you.

  20. Have thoroughly enjoyed John and the team on CTM and look forward to the new crew! Could the video production team please close caption John’s farewell video so that deaf and hard of hearing fans can appreciate it? Hard to believe we are still having to advocate for this when the technology is widely available.

  21. John Dickerson – I felt sad to hear you are leaving CBS’s morning show, but will be following you over to 60 Minutes. I just watched the full John Prine interview – well, well done! And the pen spin….my son does that and I am envious that I cannot quite master it. Best to you John Dickerson, you are a fine ambassador for the news correspondent world.

  22. Thank you for your push-back on CBS This Morning. I could tell there just wasn’t time to dig in like you would like to do. It’s going to be weird without you — I do hope that the other two guys will do as well as you did. (I cannot watch the other networks’ news, they are not serious enough. Too much clapping and wild camera movements.) I do like Gayle King and so I trust that whatever is next for all of you, it will be excellent! Thanks again for everything you do!

  23. I hated seeing you being so quiet the last weeks after it was announced you were leaving the morning show.
    Best wishes as you begin another chapter in a stellar career.

  24. Shoulda been you to go to nightly anchor!!! Nora will do okay. You have the moral compass, integrity, strength, vision to do that, and more. Your piece following the Kavanaugh/Supreme Court fiasco was an amazing piece of journalism. Totally impressive, as is all of your work. I look forward to 60 Minutes, but it won’t be enough,

  25. Evelyn K Hayes

    John can’t understand what is going on with CBS, they are changing so many people I am beginning to decide if I want to watch a different channel. You, though, always added charm, intelligence and have a manner about you that should not be ignored. I have watched you in many positions, loved you on Face the Nation, you are so smart! I hope you get a top position, you deserve it Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope CBS does you right!

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